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Nobody / Somebody

Nobody wants to be a "nobody". Our drive to stand out and be somebody sometimes results at the cost of being happy. If you feel a burden playing the role you chose to play in your life, know that it is possible to choose a different one. The one that relates to you directly through which you can authentically express yourself, without any effort whatsoever
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We take sides, looking at ourselves, others and life through our points of view. But do we need points of view to live our lives? Life is there regardless of our perspectives or points of view. Our points of view are merely the windows through which we choose to see life at a certain angle. But why limit yourself to a certain angle when you can see the whole picture.
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The silent killer

Believe it or not, you feel bad because you make yourself feel bad. Here is why. You don't have to choose sides, but you do it anyway. You don't have to settle or compromise, but you do it anyway. You don't need to believe anything that doesn't feel right, but you do it anyway... Why we do the things we don't want to do, is it because we believe that we don't have a choice?
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To the drifter in time Explorer of thought Discoverer of emotion Of thrill Of Happiness Of Sadness Of Life and Death Of Compassion Of Gratitude Of Humility Of Love You are the adventurer of all there is to experience, everything that is eternal and finite. What makes you curious is your child’s innocence. You are the preserver of life because you want it to last. What makes you human is your courageous, loving and fearful heart. When you…
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Please Share

My goal with this blog is to reach and help as many people as possible. Sometimes we stumble on a video or an article online that shifts our attention or our perspective to something we hadn’t noticed before, this sometimes brings relief or a realization that makes it easier for us to go through the day or even with our lives. Writing this blog I hope that you stumble on such realizations or moments of relief. I hope that the things that I share…
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Me against myself

Why we are making ourselves do what we don’t feel like doing, most people do what they don’t want to do. Why we are ignoring our desires, feelings, suppressing our emotions with distractions and addictions? Competition. We compete with ourselves. At each given moment whether you’re aware of this or not, each of us has an Ideal, a goal, a short-term, or long-term goal with which we compete on a daily basis. We compete with…
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Don’t stop, keep going.

Many times when we find ourselves, thinking, feeling, experiencing things that we don’t feel good about, our initial instinct is to stop whatever we’re experiencing. However, the attempt itself to stop feeling what you’re feeling will be experienced as a bad feeling. Instead of stopping just keep going, but also try to identify your experience as a passing, learning experience, an experience of your current state…
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What it takes to make it

Determination, perseverance, persistence, motivation, willpower, hard work – these are all nice banner phrases. But do they help you change and get what you want? probably not. Words can communicate an idea which is great, but going from words to actions, actually doing something is whole a different story. The solution lies in attitude. Depending on what attitude you have towards yourself will determine your ability or disability…
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Sense your life’s purpose

Are you goal driven? Are you mindset driven? Self-motivation is more often than not an emotional pitfall. Once you set your mind to achieve something please double check that you’re not trying to prove something to yourself or others. Please be aware of your true emotional desire alongside your mental goal. If you truly desire something you wouldn’t mind the time it would take to get there, you wouldn’t mind taking that…
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Dream until your dreams come true

Who is listening to my sad sad song? Who is repeating that song? Who is pushing me into sadness? Who do I blame? Who is believing in me? Who is being compassionate to me? Who is denying me from love and compassion? Who is my suppressor? Who is my mood killer? Who is my dream crusher? Who is guiding me to where I  want to go? Who is standing in my way? Who is making me give up on my dreams? – It is me.   How can I receive anything if I keep my door locked?…
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How far should I look?

Every assumption, belief, rule, we have about how things should be, makes us stiff, frozen and even motionless. If you have a strong opinion or conviction against something and when that something appears in a circumstance in your life, you might find yourself fixating on that circumstance not being able to move on with your life. The more opinions and rules we create that criticise a specific topic, circumstance, people, the world, the stiffer…
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Give up On putting on your make up Give up On fear that you will ever break up You’re always whole Because you see all of your scattered pieces Look up Despite your fears and daemons Wake up To all the things you disagree with Don’t be afraid To shatter into million pieces You’ll have a better chance To learn about yourself in details Don’t get caught up on chasing every thought and angle Allow yourself to be in peace and…
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Bring happiness into your life right now

Every day I wake up I tell myself that today is going to be different. I think I know what I need to do and what I don’t need to do. Every evening that I go to sleep I realize that I’ve failed to accomplished what I’ve set out to do earlier that day. And so on and so forth the days pass me by. The dominating issues and problems in my life take over my mind and a strong urge to fix those problems and issues arises causing me to drift away and…
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You are the miracle of life

Did you decide that you’re physically weak, incapable, dependent, helpless? Did you make such a conclusion about yourself? Maybe you gave up on yourself? Are you living your life, waiting to be saved, waiting for a miracle? People say about every child that is born, that it is a miracle of life. You are that miracle. Don’t be mistaken to think that you are only this body. You are more than this body. The body is only a fraction of what…
life is not fair
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Life is not fair

Life is not fair, people say that. It is an expression that came as a result of observation of circumstance that is not to our satisfaction. Our dissatisfaction with whatever is going on in our lives –  is us refusing to accept life as it is. Because we have expectations and rules for how life should be. What is fair? It is an idea that is made up of each person’s preferences of how he would like life to be. As soon as life doesn’t…