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Opening up

What it takes to open your mind? to open up emotionally? What it takes to become open to trusting? What it takes to open up when you don't feel like it and as a result, you don't want to. It feels uncomfortable. Why would I want to put myself in an uncomfortable situation?
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What stops me, is here to set me free.

What stops you? What thought? What fear? What person? What emotion? As we go with our daily lives, we encounter emotional abruptions that stop our flow. Suddenly we feel off, what most of us do when that happens is usually get absorbed in whatever is making us feel bad or wait it out until it goes away. I personally seize┬áthis opportunity to be in a state of awareness to the cause of the feelings and the feelings that I have. I recognize my patterns…
Personal Growth

Stuck in the past

Sometimes a moment overwhelms us. So deeply that we’re getting stuck in it. Or so we think. We replay a certain moment in time over and over again in our minds. The images, the conversations. Thinking about what was said. Contemplating about how everything was. Looking thru everything one more time, just in case we forgot to look somewhere. Just in case we overlooked some detail. There is this need to go over everything, every little detail.…
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There is no point stressing about anything

Look at your life right now. See the things that you have and accomplished. See the things that you like in your life right now. Your relationships, your family, your car, whatever. Take your time to remember the moment that you didn’t have these things and only wished for them to be. Remember yourself at that moment. Realize that the things you wanted are now, here. But in the moment of their appearance in your life, You didn’t do…