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Many of our everyday repeated routines, are in fact deliberate distractions from the things that we are looking to avoid. However, as it turns out most of the time, our fears and worries that we're trying to avoid are as a result of a simple and innocent misunderstanding
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How much is enough?

The inner sense of satisfaction cannot be ever satisfied if it depends on the changing circumstance.When we seek to feel good about ourselves and look to get this feeling from the outside we fall into a trap. The problem with the outside is that it is always changing. So we find ourselves chasing what is always changing, never knowing how to stop because if we stop, what will make us feel good about ourselves? - You don't have to chase your happiness anymore.
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Play the Game

Play the game of life. There is no other choice really, other than this. Sure you can have various spiritual awakening experiences, have different realizations about what is going on with you and life in general. But at the end of the day, that's all it is, passing experiences. You are still here, with your body, after all your aha moments, visions, and enlightening experiences.
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Trusting Life

Many times in spirituality we hear that one has to have faith and trust life to take care of everything. But we don't trust life, and rightfully so. Because how can we, most of our life we spend preparing for the worst and fearing the worst.With that said I also understand that there is no point in living life unless there is an element of surprise present in life. Surely I want to be surprised and to trust life but I want it to be surprised by the good surprises, I want the good stuff. You know?!
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The Mind

The mind holds patterns of thought, beliefs that drive patterns of behavior. The mind doesn’t require resolution. You don’t have to do anything to settle your mind. The mind is there for you. It can’t make you do anything. When you step outside of your mind, it doesn’t mean that your mind disappears. It is there participating in every experience. You don’t have to look inside your mind for anything. The mind…
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Sense Your Self

Do you know how your senses work? Do you know who or what operates them? Do you question their authenticity? – No, you don’t. We trust our senses. Our senses allow us to picture and experience a world that we live in. But how do we do that? How learning operates? How understanding operates? What is the sense of taste, smell, touch, sight, hearing? – Nobody knows. We simply use our given senses since they are always on. But there…
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I Don’t Know

Hello friends and good morning as I’m sitting here in front of the sunrise trying to center myself back into peace, trying to disconnect myself from the daily distortions a quick realization comes to mind, that Nothing Stops. Life doesn’t stop, your circumstance doesn’t stop. Reality doesn’t just stop and becomes something else in an instant. Perhaps in some cases, it does but generally speaking it doesn’t,…
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Please Share

My goal with this blog is to reach and help as many people as possible. Sometimes we stumble on a video or an article online that shifts our attention or our perspective to something we hadn’t noticed before, this sometimes brings relief or a realization that makes it easier for us to go through the day or even with our lives. Writing this blog I hope that you stumble on such realizations or moments of relief. I hope that the things that I share…
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What is Time?

What is a present moment? Where does it start and where does it end. Is a split of a second or a whole second? Is it even measurable? We love measuring things. Everything in our life has size, volume, length, height, width, speed, weight, depth. We measure all the physical stuff. Correct me if I’m wrong but time is the only non-physical thing that we measure. What is time? 🤔 – Time is an idea. 😎 We think that we exist in time…
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We are Visitors

We have this feeling of relief, when we’re visiting our family or staying at someone’s house for a couple of days, or when we’re staying at a hotel or any place for that matter that is not our home. Once we arrive at a place like this, we feel relieved in a certain way from certain things. We are relieved because we know that our basic needs are taken care of, such as food and a place to sleep. Usually, we would need to make our own food,…
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Starting over

If you ignore yourself right now and only see the things that are missing in your life, you will always find yourself restless, seeking, never settling down, never completely satisfied, never really enjoying what you have, never enjoying the moment. You have to see yourself first. Really see yourself as you are. Most of us refuse to see ourselves. Perhaps we’re ashamed of ourselves. Perhaps we see ourselves not as good enough, unworthy.…
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The Return

Many of us want to find peace, to live in the moment. We try different methods to find peace, to relax, like meditation that teaches us to reject the thoughts, like mindfulness that teaches us to concentrate on the breath and observe – the mind, the body, the feelings, and the emotions. The thing is, that no matter what you do, and what you observe in yourself, it won’t bring you any peace right now, you can spend a lifetime observing…
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Comfort vs Peace

Hello friend, I wish I had something to say to you to change your life to make you see who you are, to make you remember who you were, in an instant. But no matter what I say, eventually it will all come down to your willingness to be open with yourself about what puts you in discomfort, suffering, sadness and pushes you to look for a change. Most of you that seek change, happiness, peace, are easily distracted by the seeking. That is because you think…
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I am only one

I am only one and there are so many of you. So many thoughts, beliefs, rules that I need to remember, social conducts that I have to obey, problems that I need to solve. But there is only one of me. Will I ever get to address all the things that I need to address. Will I have enough time to listen to all the thoughts, worries, problems? Will I have enough time to fix everything I need to fix. After all, there is only one of me and so many of everything else…
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What you need?

What is a need? What do you think that you need? Does focusing on what you need distracts you from being at peace? Most of the time when I find myself needing something, the need is accompanied by feelings of impatience to get what I need, restlessness and sometimes worry for not having what I need, yet. The body and the mind go into this unsettling state of “You are not where you want to be. You cannot rest until you get there” We put so…
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This is my life

This is my life, I’m just a regular person. I make mistakes, I fear, I laugh, I worry. My life may seem interesting to some and boring to others, It may seem rich to some and poor to others. Happy to some and sad to others. Realize that you can say this about anyone out there. This is true about anyone. But if we begin to identify ourselves with one group or the other, if we begin to suffer from wanting to belong to one group or another, if we begin…
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Holding a grudge, when we feel insulted, mistreated, wronged in one way or another should only remind us that we put other people’s opinions, words, actions before our own. We perceive the world through others. Through their validation of ourselves. We are focused on the circumstances and events and conclude that they are the source from which we get hurt. We blame that source and not letting go of that blame unless something “happens”…
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How big is your heart?

How big is your heart? and I don’t mean it in a romantic or a metaphoric way. I don’t mean the physical heart either. I’m talking about the innocent, all loving, allowing, childhood-like-heart which is the base of every human being. Can you allow for the possibility that you can contain yourself inside that heart? That heart is big enough to accept your existence and all of existance. You know it is. If you feel victimized,…
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Fearful Heart

Being scared is paralyzing our ability to see the truth. To see ourselves and to see others with an open heart, preventing us from understanding the situation we’re in. What is making us scared is the lack of trust in ourselves and others, judgment of ourselves and others. Many of us don’t even recognize the fact that we are scared most of the time because we are so used to being scared. The cringing of our bodies, the uncertainty in…