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We take sides, looking at ourselves, others and life through our points of view. But do we need points of view to live our lives? Life is there regardless of our perspectives or points of view. Our points of view are merely the windows through which we choose to see life at a certain angle. But why limit yourself to a certain angle when you can see the whole picture.
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This is boring. Nothing interests me. Seen this. Done that. Stop concluding. There is no need to conclude the mood the thought the weather. Nobody asked you to. You have no obligation to do it. You’re not paid for it. What is boring is the focus that this is boring. The conclusive thought that’s whats boring. The thought that life has nothing to offer. What is more boring than that? Yours truly, Boris…
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Missing on life

When you experience something you describe it in words, in thoughts. I felt this and that, It looks like this, I think I have that, I need to tell others about it. At that moment you’re disconnected from your direct experience. You’re now the narrator of it to yourself and others. We have this thing that we need to describe what is going on to ourselves. Being the narrator takes us out of the experience. Maybe that’s what you…