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Why I Am Here?

From time to time I find myself pondering about this question and I would like to share with you my latest insights on this subject. I used to believe that the reason for being is having a purpose and partially I still believe that this is true. However, like many of us, I used to think that there is one only one great purpose for my being, such as a particular career path, a lifestyle, a realization of one grand idea. This kind of thinking is what makes…
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I don’t know what to do anymore

I’m 37, That’s 20 years of doing for me. Give or take. Doing assignments, kindergarten, school, high school, work, university, work, career. Always in doing. Since I can remember. Tasks. At home, At school, At work. There was always something that needed to be done. So, I did do something. But did I want to? We want to believe that our doing comes from wanting, but it is not your obvious wanting. It is a fake kind of wanting. The wanting…