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Why we Regret?

The shortest answer to this question would be – We regret because we can’t forgive ourselves. We can’t forgive ourselves for behaving a certain way, making certain decisions, hurting someone, not taking action, not spending enough time doing something we love or being with someone we love. Simply put, regret is basically self-blame. Looking back at what was and concluding that we could have done something differently,…
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You cannot be more than what you already are right now

No matter what is here What you feel What is around you What is inside of you You cannot be more than what you already are. All that you hate All that you want and can’t have right now All your efforts to be something you’re not right now All your attention to what you’re not right now All your regrets All your sorrows All your yesterday’s and all your tomorrow’s All of your hopes and dreams that make you sad All your…