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See your invisible relationships

We are in relationships with everything¬† – our thoughts, ideas, dreams, emotions, feelings, things, concepts. Every interaction we experience, every little thing that makes us feel, we’ve developed a relationship with that thing. Relationships are not only experienced via human interactions. Relationships are everything that you find yourself reacting to. Let’s take money for example since money is something…
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Dating and Relationships

The most important question you can ask yourself when it comes down to dating and relationships is – How do I feel about dating or being in a relationship? Ask yourself and see how you feel about it. Are you anxious or scared? Or you’re excited and intrigued? Perhaps you feel pressured to go on a date or finding the right guy or girl. Either way, you need to know how you feel about it. Getting to know someone is like anything else in life…
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That kid got it all wrong

Are you looking for people to notice you? Are you looking for attention? Are you looking for a savior? Are you expecting people to be as you like them to be? Are you expecting people to do what you want? Do you depend on people’s opinion of you? Do you depend on what people say or do? If you do – realize that you’re essentially looking to be nourished. You’re not looking for a lover, a friendship, a relationship, a friend,…