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The silent killer

Believe it or not, you feel bad because you make yourself feel bad. Here is why. You don't have to choose sides, but you do it anyway. You don't have to settle or compromise, but you do it anyway. You don't need to believe anything that doesn't feel right, but you do it anyway... Why we do the things we don't want to do, is it because we believe that we don't have a choice?
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Having vs Owning

When you treat things or circumstance you have in your life as though you own them, eventually, you will take those things for granted. Having the mentality of owning things results in attachment, responsibility, and worry to those things you think you own. Ask yourself what do I think I own? and see how much effort, worry, and┬áresponsibility it takes owning that. It could be your house, car, relationship, job, money. If you ditch the mentality…
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Why we Regret?

The shortest answer to this question would be – We regret because we can’t forgive ourselves. We can’t forgive ourselves for behaving a certain way, making certain decisions, hurting someone, not taking action, not spending enough time doing something we love or being with someone we love. Simply put, regret is basically self-blame. Looking back at what was and concluding that we could have done something differently,…
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Bad mood ? – Try this.

Next time you have a bad mood – Try this. Notice the bad feeling Notice the bad mood Recognize that the bad mood occurs as a result of your conclusion about your feelings and emotions. Stop to recognize this before continuing. Acknowledge this, by taking responsibility for making conclusions. Say to yourself – I’ve made this conclusion. This conclusion is based on my current beliefs, about the circumstance that produced…