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Don’t hold it in

Holding in fears, anger, frustration, uncertainty, doubt. Holding in emotion that makes us feel bad. We don’t do it on purpose, we simply don’t like how it feels that is all. Perhaps we believe that if we will let ourselves feel and express that unpleasant emotion of – fear, doubt, anger, frustration, irritation – That it will stay. That someone might notice us being like this. We will notice ourselves. We believe…
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Why I’m unhappy.

We are so used to living life by knowing what is good and what is bad. What should we trust and what should we fear. Often our lives are driven by negativity. We take action as a result of avoiding something, fearing something, running from something and ignoring everything that is negative in our minds interpretation, into what seems to be positive. We seek pride to avoid shame. Strive to win to avoid losing. Look for safety because we fear danger.…