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Many times we get lost trying to help ourselves, heal, find happiness, freedom, peace. It seems that we've looked in all the possible places for solutions to our problems. Most people perceive their unhappiness, limitations, worries as problems, that they need to fix. Never really getting to know the one that suffers. But the one that suffers, is only looking for you to listen.
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My goal with this blog is to reach and help as many people as possible. Sometimes we stumble on a video or an article online that shifts our attention or our perspective to something we hadn’t noticed before, this sometimes brings relief or a realization that makes it easier for us to go through the day or even with our lives. Writing this blog I hope that you stumble on such realizations or moments of relief. I hope that the things that I share…
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The quickest way to help yourself

What is the quickest way to help myself? people ask. Everybody wants a quick solution to their problem. But wouldn’t you prefer the right solution instead of a quick one? You see we are all different. We feel, interpret circumstance, experience things in different ways, therefore we form beliefs, habits, patterns, thoughts each in his and her unique way. So when someone offers a solution for you, see if you resonate with that solution,…