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You are the extension of me as I am of you

Brother Brother of man The world you created is to small to describe the vastness of me. You are the extension of me as I’m of you. You may not know me But you know that I’m there for you When you call me Faith You may not seek me But you know that I’m in your heart When you call me Kindness You may not trust me But you remember that you once did When you call me Innocence You may look away when I need you But you feel how it hurts When you call…
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What is Meditation

Shapes colors and sounds This is what our experience consists of. On an everyday basis, we’re noticing shapes colors and sounds Like in a movie theater. They reach our body’s sensors So we can have an experience Emotional experience and physical experience. Our body’s sensors work automatically without our effort. Seeing, hearing, smelling etc. It is where we put our attention that makes our experience happen. Relax…