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Know your resilience level

An athlete knows not to push his body beyond a certain limit. They know that they might cause damage if they do. However, there is a resilience margin in which an athlete can push their body to improve their performance. The body is resilient in that margin -it recovers and becomes stronger, nibbler, quicker, etc. It takes discipline and wisdom to know this margin and stay within its limits. But sometimes our will to reach a goal or some finish…
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A Reminder To Stop

Are you too proud to stop? Why can’t I stop? How can I stop, If I don’t want to stop? Notice your state of body and mind. Are you satisfied with your physical and mental state right now? What is more important to you than your body and mind state? An idea? A mission? A task? A belief? A thought? What is so important that you need to sacrifice your peace of mind and the comfort of your body? Stress is not important, it is harmful. Worry is harmful.…
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There is no point stressing about anything

Look at your life right now. See the things that you have and accomplished. See the things that you like in your life right now. Your relationships, your family, your car, whatever. Take your time to remember the moment that you didn’t have these things and only wished for them to be. Remember yourself at that moment. Realize that the things you wanted are now, here. But in the moment of their appearance in your life, You didn’t do…