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Start seeing all the way

Many of us choose to see halfway. If you have something that you don’t like about yourself or your life and want to change it but think that you can’t, that is because you see things that bother you halfway. We are not interested in seeing all the truth, about what we’re unsatisfied with. When we want to change something about ourselves it is usually because we dislike how we feel about that something we want to change, and we…
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What is possible?

We usually get stuck, insisting on a particular path that we see. Insisting on a certain path limits your options. Limits your ability to see beyond what you’re focused on. Being focused is good. But don’t become obsessed about a certain way of doing something to reach your goal. If you know what you want. Know also that there are many paths to what you want that are hidden from your vision when you are focused on a particular way of…
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I’m stuck

Motionless. Imagine that you are motionless. You see life as it passes by. Do you agonize, blame, regret being motionless. Or do you enjoy the things you are able to enjoy? Usually, we stop enjoying life the minute we turn our attention from it. To our thoughts or someone else’s life. Thinking about what we don’t have in our life. What others have and we don’t. We make ourselves motionless. By noticing what is missing. Well,…