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Many of our everyday repeated routines, are in fact deliberate distractions from the things that we are looking to avoid. However, as it turns out most of the time, our fears and worries that we're trying to avoid are as a result of a simple and innocent misunderstanding
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There is no effort in experiencing an experience. The effort comes from reacting to the experience. Experience being the circumstance, emotions, thoughts, feelings. Experience is a part of being which is effortless. There is no effort in being, in existing. There is no effort in being, thinking a thought, feeling a feeling, seeing, hearing, smelling. Effort – is merely our reaction wanting to change what appears, and that is experienced…
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Everything Heals

Everything heals when we stop. If we stop polluting, the Earth will heal, the oceans will heal, forests will heal. When we stop hurting one another our souls will heal. When we will stop hurting ourselves mentally our minds and bodies will heal. Everything in the universe, when left to its own device, is constantly trying to find balance and heal. The Earths atmosphere, nature, our bodies and of course our minds are trying to find balance. The…
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The quickest way to help yourself

What is the quickest way to help myself? people ask. Everybody wants a quick solution to their problem. But wouldn’t you prefer the right solution instead of a quick one? You see we are all different. We feel, interpret circumstance, experience things in different ways, therefore we form beliefs, habits, patterns, thoughts each in his and her unique way. So when someone offers a solution for you, see if you resonate with that solution,…
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Don’t hold it in

Holding in fears, anger, frustration, uncertainty, doubt. Holding in emotion that makes us feel bad. We don’t do it on purpose, we simply don’t like how it feels that is all. Perhaps we believe that if we will let ourselves feel and express that unpleasant emotion of – fear, doubt, anger, frustration, irritation – That it will stay. That someone might notice us being like this. We will notice ourselves. We believe…
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Live the life you want

The emotions trick us into thinking that life is hard. That we need to overcome life. Adapt ourselves to the struggles of life. Feeling the overwhelming emotions in our bodies, the heaviness, the contractions, the heart dropping emptiness, the abyss of fear. The sea of emotions pulling us into the heart of the storm, while we can barely swim, or don’t even know how to swim. Trying to stay over water, fighting to stay alive. But the waves are…
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Why I don’t fight thoughts

Don’t fight thoughts. The thoughts will always win. There is no need to fight thoughts, to find peace. You learn from thoughts. Thoughts are relevant. Like any other appearance. Fighting thoughts is like fighting any other appearance that is already here. It is useless and unnecessary. Anything that provokes you to fight, resist or disagree – is something that you don’t understand yet if you decide to fight it. If you…
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What is Life ?

You are the experiencer of life, you are the perceiver of life. Every perception of a part of life, is unique to you, to your personality, beliefs, points of view, emotional state, thoughts. Every person experiences life in his or her unique way. Life happens for every one of us in a unique, different way. Therefore, there is no – one life – a singular life for all. Every perspective of life is a different life, experienced from that…
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Surrender or Fight?

We learn that fighting is good. Fight for yourself. Fight to win. Fight for fame. For glory. For pride. For life. We think that in order to get these things we need to fight – people, circumstance, thoughts, emotions, our fears. Because if you don’t fight you must surrender. Surrendering is shameful. Surrendering is a weakness. Losing is shameful. Only losers surrender. When we fight we are running from ourselves, running from…
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Your suffering is your friend

What is the point of suffering? People suffer every day. From circumstance, emotions, and feelings. We suffer as individuals and as collective when we find a mutual subject to suffering. But what is suffering? Suffering is not irritation it is not an annoyance, it is not a minor thing it is not something that is easily ignored. When you notice suffering in your body, You already did ignore as much as you possibly could. You looked away so many…
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You don’t need a reason to feel like sh!t

You don’t need a reason You don’t need a meaning Because sometimes you feel like shit without a reason. Without a meaning Without understanding or knowing What is going on with you You just feel heavy A burden Lack of mood Just because… Like sitting in a puddle. You’re wet You’re uncomfortable You’re cold But you got used to sitting in a puddle Got used to the cold To being wet To the shitty feeling You sit…
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You cannot be more than what you already are right now

No matter what is here What you feel What is around you What is inside of you You cannot be more than what you already are. All that you hate All that you want and can’t have right now All your efforts to be something you’re not right now All your attention to what you’re not right now All your regrets All your sorrows All your yesterday’s and all your tomorrow’s All of your hopes and dreams that make you sad All your…