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Wake Up – Returning To Presence

This practice can be used at moments of anxiety, fear, worry, or whatever is keeping our mind and emotions from being at peace. The main idea behind this practice is to return to the present, to self at times when we have an extremely emotional or mental experience. The purpose of this practice is to awaken from the experience that we are having, just like we wake up from a bad dream.
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Stop your struggle

The most terrible thing that you can feel in life will come as a result of you, not letting life to take you where you need to go. So why not let life take you. Let everything that is in life to take you where you need to go. In life – I’m not required to take action or do anything. I have no obligations to life. No responsibilities. I’m motionless until I decide to move. I’m speechless until I decide to speak. I’m deaf…
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Accepting emotions

An important step in healing is to allow yourself to feel your emotions. But sometimes we get caught up in noticing our emotions. We notice what we feel and how bad it feels, we continue to notice the time that passed since we are feeling these emotions, starting to develop thoughts whether these emotions are going away or they are here to stay. Wondering whether our condition is ever going to change. Basically, we think that we allow ourselves…
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Surrender or Fight?

We learn that fighting is good. Fight for yourself. Fight to win. Fight for fame. For glory. For pride. For life. We think that in order to get these things we need to fight – people, circumstance, thoughts, emotions, our fears. Because if you don’t fight you must surrender. Surrendering is shameful. Surrendering is a weakness. Losing is shameful. Only losers surrender. When we fight we are running from ourselves, running from…
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You cannot be more than what you already are right now

No matter what is here What you feel What is around you What is inside of you You cannot be more than what you already are. All that you hate All that you want and can’t have right now All your efforts to be something you’re not right now All your attention to what you’re not right now All your regrets All your sorrows All your yesterday’s and all your tomorrow’s All of your hopes and dreams that make you sad All your…