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Clearing thoughts

Clearing thoughts Is a thought Trying to clear itself. When the effort to clear all thoughts comes from thought. It is impossible to do. You’re attempting to clear the very same thing you are focused upon. A thought that is trying to clear itself. Chose intention instead. The intention is not a thought. It is before a thought. It is when you want something and you didn’t express your opinion about it to yourself, yet. You didn’t…
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Hearing your thoughts

These thoughts are not mine I did not acquire them I did not borrow them I wasn’t forced on thinking them I’m not required keeping them Managing them Contemplating them Evolving them Hence I do not own these thoughts If I would have own these thoughts I would have access to every thought I ever had But I don’t. I would have the ability to discard any thought so it never returns But I don’t Some thoughts stay for a while Some…
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Thoughts like vines growing together intertwine support each other feed from the images, sounds and bodily emotion. Cover up the vision, cover up the truth. Their stems connected and you cannot see the end of them. You do not need to find the end of them. You do not need to seek a way to destroy the vine. Just watch it flow gracefully as you stay in the silence of your being. Being the almighty graceful Good king that spreads mercy and compassion.…