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Opening up

What it takes to open your mind? to open up emotionally? What it takes to become open to trusting? What it takes to open up when you don't feel like it and as a result, you don't want to. It feels uncomfortable. Why would I want to put myself in an uncomfortable situation?
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Trusting Life

Many times in spirituality we hear that one has to have faith and trust life to take care of everything. But we don't trust life, and rightfully so. Because how can we, most of our life we spend preparing for the worst and fearing the worst.With that said I also understand that there is no point in living life unless there is an element of surprise present in life. Surely I want to be surprised and to trust life but I want it to be surprised by the good surprises, I want the good stuff. You know?!
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The price of Freedom

When was the last time you were Innocent, Vulnerable, Faithful, Courageous, Trusting? We sacrifice Innocence for suspicion, Vulnerability for boundaries, Faith for fear, Courage for routine, Trust for securities. And then we find ourselves waking up to misery and sadness in our lives. The path we walk on becomes as narrow as a tightrope. Any slight diversion from the path is causing us pain, fear, and suffering. But if we’re lucky,…
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Someday I’ll send my love to heal all of my sorrows And when I do I hope to wake up into a new tomorrow What’s so important that I can’t let go of What holds me back from trusting that I’ll be okay The make beliefs I’m playing with became so real It makes it hard for me to see myself beyond beliefs Figuring out the slopes I’ve fallen into Relieves me from the past but what about today? Today I’ll send my love…
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Trust what feels good…

Trusting that everything will turn out ok from the mind is hard. The mind is limiting. It doesn’t have all the answers. All it has is your old thoughts and memories. Imagine yourself as you wish to be and what is bothering you is already resolved. See how it makes you feel. Feels good, doesn’t it? Try it. You can feel this right now In your body. Physically. Emotionally. Even your mind relaxes. You can feel this chemically in your body.…