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You are the extension of me as I am of you

Brother Brother of man The world you created is to small to describe the vastness of me. You are the extension of me as I’m of you. You may not know me But you know that I’m there for you When you call me Faith You may not seek me But you know that I’m in your heart When you call me Kindness You may not trust me But you remember that you once did When you call me Innocence You may look away when I need you But you feel how it hurts When you call…
Personal Growth Spiritual Growth

I’m standing on the shoulders of giants… I’m grateful

I stand on the shoulders of giants that came before me. I’m grateful. Back in the day I was one of them Gracious Innocent Kind Loving We were working together for a mutual cause. Using stardust to shape and mold the universe, from our hearts. Now we are a part of what we’ve created. In honor of all the travelers of the universe now on Earth. You ancient nomads. You magnificent and glorious explorers. Keepers of faith. I’m honored…
Personal Growth Spiritual Growth

I appear to circumstance the same way it appears to me

I am not depended on the outcome of this appearance. Me, being, is not depended on any outcome. It feels like being a kid again when everything around is happening without my intervention or attention. Appearance doesn’t require my attention or intervention. Doesn’t depend on what I say or do. Doesn’t depend on me. As well as I’m not depending on it. What it presents to me. Me being myself does not depend on any appearance.…