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Transition yourself now

The past ongoing period of a couple of weeks is particularly challenging, many emotions related to our beliefs come up even more frequently than ever. Overwhelming our experience and pulling us back. There is no better time to notice that whatever is pulling you back right now is very familiar, you’ve been here so many times that it is practically boring. If you can’t see that is boring, ask yourself if you find yourself a victim…
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Who is to blame?

Do you perceive yourself as being an inseparable part of your life’s circumstance? You might think that your thoughts and emotions only come up as a direct reaction to circumstance. The circumstance that comes to get you, to hurt you, to make you miserable. If only the circumstance around me was exactly as I picture it then I would be okay, in fact, I would be more than okay I would be happy if things aligned to my will. Average person’s…
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You cannot be more than what you already are right now

No matter what is here What you feel What is around you What is inside of you You cannot be more than what you already are. All that you hate All that you want and can’t have right now All your efforts to be something you’re not right now All your attention to what you’re not right now All your regrets All your sorrows All your yesterday’s and all your tomorrow’s All of your hopes and dreams that make you sad All your…