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A Child’s Play

How we see ourselves in life often determines the life we are going to live. That life is going to reflect the environment we were brought into. The environment that taught us about who we are and what we are capable of achieving. It seems almost like an inescapable plot that is common to most people. The ones that are able to wake up to that, stand a real chance to change their lives. Are you one of them?
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Most of you will answer no to the question – Am I perfect? but why is that? You will immediately come up with a bunch of things about yourself that is currently not to your satisfaction when you think about being perfect. You will think about things that are needed to be fixed first before you can be perfect. Fixing. What is fixing? or more precisely – What can be fixed? Usually, when contemplating about fixing something, we think about…
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We are Visitors

We have this feeling of relief, when we’re visiting our family or staying at someone’s house for a couple of days, or when we’re staying at a hotel or any place for that matter that is not our home. Once we arrive at a place like this, we feel relieved in a certain way from certain things. We are relieved because we know that our basic needs are taken care of, such as food and a place to sleep. Usually, we would need to make our own food,…
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Who are you

Who’s moving your Body? Who’s taking it from a place to place? -The legs. Who is directing the legs where to go? Who’s smelling the flower? -The nose. Who’s pointing the nose to the flower and inhaling through the nose? Who is looking at the flower? -The eyes. Who’s focusing the eyes on the flower and looking at every color on it? Who is hearing the wind? -The ears. Who’s focusing to listen to the wind when…
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Who do you think you are?

Most of the time we forget who we are, we focus on our experiences, and define ourselves as our experiences. When we fear our experiences we fear for our lives. What makes one experience preferable over another? Why we compare, and perceive some things as less than other things? How to stay focus on our true being? Yours truly, Boris.…
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There are countless of I

Who can help me? We often find ourselves looking for help when the help that we need is right there in our own hearts. We are looking to fix our emotions and circumstances by doing, ignoring the love, the kindness, the compassion of our own hearts, that is already there. Yours truly, Boris.…
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A New Beginning

Since when did I become unimportant? Since when what I want doesn’t matter? Since when I only care about pleasing others? Since when I decided to compromise on what I want? I forgot what it’s like to give myself what I want. To give myself what I want when I want it. I forgot how it is like to stand on my own. I forgot what it’s like to be me around other people. When I’m around other people there’s no real me anymore.…
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What is Meditation

Shapes colors and sounds This is what our experience consists of. On an everyday basis, we’re noticing shapes colors and sounds Like in a movie theater. They reach our body’s sensors So we can have an experience Emotional experience and physical experience. Our body’s sensors work automatically without our effort. Seeing, hearing, smelling etc. It is where we put our attention that makes our experience happen. Relax…