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We are Visitors

We have this feeling of relief, when we’re visiting our family or staying at someone’s house for a couple of days, or when we’re staying at a hotel or any place for that matter that is not our home. Once we arrive at a place like this, we feel relieved in a certain way from certain things. We are relieved because we know that our basic needs are taken care of, such as food and a place to sleep. Usually, we would need to make our own food,…
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Who are you

Who’s moving your Body? Who’s taking it from a place to place? -The legs. Who is directing the legs where to go? Who’s smelling the flower? -The nose. Who’s pointing the nose to the flower and inhaling through the nose? Who is looking at the flower? -The eyes. Who’s focusing the eyes on the flower and looking at every color on it? Who is hearing the wind? -The ears. Who’s focusing to listen to the wind when…
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What is Meditation

Shapes colors and sounds This is what our experience consists of. On an everyday basis, we’re noticing shapes colors and sounds Like in a movie theater. They reach our body’s sensors So we can have an experience Emotional experience and physical experience. Our body’s sensors work automatically without our effort. Seeing, hearing, smelling etc. It is where we put our attention that makes our experience happen. Relax…