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Conditions & Expectations

When looking to heal we face our mind's thoughts and opinions about our own situation, health and status. We stick and follow guidelines that we believing are important because they guide us in our lives. However when our reality doesn't meet our own set guidelines, we find it very difficult to focus on healing and moving on. So what can we do?
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What’s in your way

It also seems that a need is stronger than a want. Whenever I feel that I need something it is usually backed up by a strong argument or a belief. I may want this or that and I may want something strong enough to go for it, but it will never compare to a desire of absolutely needing something. Ask yourself what do I want, the answer could be anything, love, money, peace, etc. Now, compare between two feelings, the first one is wanting what you want and…
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Having vs Owning

When you treat things or circumstance you have in your life as though you own them, eventually, you will take those things for granted. Having the mentality of owning things results in attachment, responsibility, and worry to those things you think you own. Ask yourself what do I think I own? and see how much effort, worry, and┬áresponsibility it takes owning that. It could be your house, car, relationship, job, money. If you ditch the mentality…
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A Reminder To Stop

Are you too proud to stop? Why can’t I stop? How can I stop, If I don’t want to stop? Notice your state of body and mind. Are you satisfied with your physical and mental state right now? What is more important to you than your body and mind state? An idea? A mission? A task? A belief? A thought? What is so important that you need to sacrifice your peace of mind and the comfort of your body? Stress is not important, it is harmful. Worry is harmful.…
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Conditions made from beliefs

Having a to-do list makes me nervous. The knowing of uncompleted tasks is unsettling. There is a sense of incompletion. Since I have all this stuff to do, that is not done yet. I’m not complete. Not in peace. I was in peace before I had the to-do list. But how can I be now in peace when there is something to do. There is no way for me to be in peace until it’s all done. Sometimes we worry about what is not done. It makes us nervous. Time limiting…
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To worry or not to worry, that is the question

The worries that make you busy in your daily life. Are sucking your attention from the beautiful life that is around you, and inside of you. People absorbed with worries all their lives. When you worry about something while making decisions and taking action, notice that the worries are not going anywhere. We are not settled until we see the evidence for our worries resolved. But then, we find another thing to worry about. This is our routine,…
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Can I schedule life for later ?

The sooner I reach my goals the sooner my life will begin The real life The fun life The abundant life This is my belief But life is now And now And now No matter what I think or do No matter what I accept or not If I judge or not If I’m ignorant or aware Fun or boring Irritated or in comfort It’s all a part of life Life never stops for me I can’t press pause on life and┬áresume it after I reach my destination. Life will never wait for me to accomplish…
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You need you, first.

What do you need right now Ask yourself What do I need right now The answer is always I need me. If you think that you need something else. You are driven by lack. Lack of love Money Worthiness Security Certainty Stuff. All these things are a product of your mind. Your observation of the world. Circumstance, people, and whatever appears on your life’s path. You’re driven by something that you think is missing in your life when you look…