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Lies, dishonesty, deceptions, broken promises – Why does it hurt?

Sometimes when we are lied to, we call it deception, disrespect, other times we call it a betrayal. Either way, you look at it, we feel hurt, and the reason we get hurt is that we depend on other people's opinions about us. And when we find out that our source of approval was dishonest we begin to question our own worthiness
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Taking Flight

We cut our own wings before we learn how to fly. We limit our own reach. We set our own boundaries by defining limited destinations. We stop ourselves before we even begin. We think in terms and language that limits our minds and abilities. And then we take action according to the aforementioned limitations and boundaries. Your every thought, idea, every spark that lights your imagination is immediately introduced to a screening process of…
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Know your competition

Do you find yourself wanting to prove that you are better than someone? If you notice that moment in time, you might feel that you are somehow less than who you were a moment before, unworthy, deprived, lacking something. An unsettling urge is overtaking your state of being, you now have a need to prove a point, because you don’t like feeling like this. You need to prove your worth because you actually believe that you were deprived of your…
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Life is full of reminders to get you back on track

Pain and fear are merely reminders about your already made conclusions on subjects like – lack, freedom, love, health, wealth, worthiness. Look at your life and see what scares you and what makes you feel bad, what thoughts, what circumstances. The sadness you feel is also a reminder about your already made conclusions about life. Pain, fear, and sadness – are here as reminders, not threats. What is threatening you? People?…
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You are always right

You are always right. Your convictions are based on your beliefs. You are dedicated to standing behind your beliefs. Your beliefs are based on your life choices, experiences, emotions, thoughts which feel very real and believable to you. Everything that you define real and draw a conclusion of, during your life turns to belief. So no matter what is happening in your life. No matter what you say about what is happening. You are always right.…
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I can’t make a choice

Not being able to make up my mind. To make a decision or a choice that needs to be made. Feeling trapped, any decision I try to make is not to my satisfaction. This feeling of stuckness and stagnation comes from fear. When we fear the consequences that might come up as a result of making a choice. We stop ourselves. Choice is freedom, by not making any choice, we limit our freedom. Therefore feeling stuck in one place. Wanting to move but we can’t.…
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I feel Empty

Do you feel empty? No wants whats or ever. No particular desire, nothing. But you’re restless. It disturbs you. You can’t find peace or quiet in your mind. Even when you don’t want anything. You don’t want to look at anything hear anything. Nothing. Why does it disturb us, feeling empty? It’s simple because we’re used to doing, and looking to do something. Experiencing something. Involving ourselves…
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That kid got it all wrong

Are you looking for people to notice you? Are you looking for attention? Are you looking for a savior? Are you expecting people to be as you like them to be? Are you expecting people to do what you want? Do you depend on people’s opinion of you? Do you depend on what people say or do? If you do – realize that you’re essentially looking to be nourished. You’re not looking for a lover, a friendship, a relationship, a friend,…